1)      Will Authority Site Links from high pagerank domains help my rankings?

Yes, Google uses Pagerank to determine a website’s trust and ability to rank. By creating links back to your website on these highly trusted domains, we are creating more trust and power back to your website.


2)      Do I have to login each day, week, or month, and will I get reports?

You do not have to login once you setup your dashboard unless you wish to change the set of urls you wish to promote for next month. A detailed report will be attached each month in your dashboard in Microsoft Excel format, so you can see all the work done and link placements.


3)      Will I lose my current links if I cancel? Are these Permanent backlinks?

You will not lose your current links by cancelling. These are permanent backlinks on 3rd party public domains with high authority and pagerank. Some may become deleted after months but many stick around for years to come just like any other permanent link.


4)      Will I get backlinks from new / different domains each month?

Yes, if you received a backlink from a site in month 1, you will not receive it in month 2, 3, 4, etc as an example.


5)      Do you use No follow and Do follow?

Yes, we use both because it is natural to have highly trusted links from both sources.


6)      I want high pagerank backlinks, how do I get started?

Simply go to main page, http://authoritysitelinks.com and choose the plan type that is best for you.